Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Meet Tucker AKA Goof Ball

On 5-4-2014 my boyfriend and I lost our golden doodle companion dog. He has been a new addition to my life of the past one and half years. That is how long my other half and I have been together. My boyfriend has had this goofy dog for 10 long years. He was purchased for his boys that absolutely loved him. One being off to college on the East Coast, came home during the holiday this past Christmas and spent a-lot of time with Tucker before he went back to college. He was deeply saddened when he found out late east coast time about 1 am in the morning we had to make a decision to put Tucker to rest.

A few weeks ago I noticed Tucker wasn't eating his food, unlike my own dogs that live with my mother, they eat their food with in a minute of pouring it into their bowls. Tucker was a grazer a type of dog that you could leave the food bag next to his bowl and he would never get into it. He wasn't a cuddle dog either, he didn't like for you to be to close to his face, upon noticing his food habits changing I noticed he became more lovable, and very clingy.

Tucker wasn't allowed inside my office for that is where I handle the packaging of goods for my online business. I have a non pet rule for my items and keep them stored in a warehouse away from pets. So when he would go with me he would always stop at the door sit and wait for me to come out. He would follow me to my office and lay on the line. He knew once I pointed if he crossed he had to test me and lay right there on the line with his paw crossing.

Working from home Tucker always was with me. No matter what room of the house it was, if I got up he got up, if I turned the corner he turned the corner. He was my shadow, my bed side night dog. He protected me daily and made sure he was always around. He was so goofy, the spastic kind of goofy, running into walls, knocking his head on counters and crashing into doorways. He always got excited when company came over, he would knock anyone down if you were in his way to get to the door to see who was there. He was a gentle giant dog.

The night we made our choice to lay him to rest happened so fast, for he started to eat normal again that week, have lots of energy and was playing like he always did with my boyfriend every evening he took the time to give him special attention. But when we came home that day, Tucker refused to move, he went potty where he was laying and his tummy was making horrible movements and only to be described as some sort of contraction going on. It was visible that something was seriously wrong. Being a Sunday evening I facebook'ed for an emergency vet, with in 5 mins someone responded with a number and the vet met with us like lighting at her office. We spent 4 hours testing and discussing what to do. She knew by looking at his gums there was some serious blood problems going on.

I was trying to be strong for my boyfriend for he was loosing one of his best friends. Thinking considering this dog has only been in my life for a year and a half I can handle this. But once I saw him break down and make the choice that seemed to me was the best. I could not take it, leaving the room and headed outside to make some phone calls for some support.

Some may say it's just a dog, yes he was just a dog, but he was our family, I personally don't have kids and I love my dogs whom I gave to my mom when I made the choice to move in with this handsome man I fell in love with. Knowing I could not take them away from my mom she loved them too and I knew she be alone. Tucker had became my dog too. I miss him being next to me at night knowing I would have to find a strategic way out of bed to get around him. I miss bumping into him because he is right behind me all the time. I miss the comfort of him laying at the back door watching over me when I am doing a photo shoot to make sure I am safe.

We made the right choice I believe he was really sick and we didn't know it, he was strong and did'nt let us see it until the last day. It was pouring rain when it happened and it was late at night, we took him with us and didn't know what to do with him, we sat in the car in our driveway for a hour discussing where to lay him to rest in the middle of the night. We decided to lay him to rest on my mom's property where he would be surrounded with lovely flowers and gardens. We said our last goodbye at 5 am in the morning. He is at rest and I will miss him.

RIP Tucker 5-4-2014