Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring and Summer Tabouli Chicken Pasta Salad

Tabouli Chicken Pasta Salad

I am not known for my cooking but I do have some experience I was a sub cook for a hospital feeding patients and staff every day. I also currently own a deli with my mom which has been re opened now for nearly 2 years from a family business 10 years ago. 

I sometimes like to experiment with different foods just to see how they would taste together. This I had to share. 

You will need the following to start. 

Pasta of your choice~ cooked and cooled
Grapes ~ any kind will do but part of the taste is the red grapes
Radish~ for a crispy freshness
Green apple~ I use a full green apple to this mix I peel all the skin off and dice into very small pieces 
Celery ~ to compliment the radish crunch
Chicken ~ A few chicken tenders cooked on how you prefer could be baked or crispy ~~ If your not a meat eater just simply leave this out. 
Blue cheese~ your choice of blue cheese crumbles 
Blue cheese dressing ~ not to much just enough to wet the pasta down and make stick together. The crumbles and all the flavor will be powering enough
Tabouli ~ I found this Tabouli at Costco but can be homemade if you desire to get that fancy

Cut up all your ingredients into a large mixing bowl.

After your pasta is cooked and cooled down start to add the ingredients together.

Once your diced goodies are in mixed with the pasta add dressing and mix good. 

NOT to much dressing it will overload your pasta and you will not be able to taste the fresh crisp fruits and veggies. 

I add the Tabouli at the end If your serving a good number of people the strong lemon taste may not be everyone's cup of tea. So its a great side dish. 

This is a great recipe for serving at pot lucks, family events and simply just to have for a snack at the house. 

I hope you enjoy .. it's simply delicious! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Card stock Earring Backings

I get asked alot on how I come up with or create some of my work, or how I display my work. Today I am going to share with you one of my most recent projects. Earring Card backings. You will need the following

Scrap booking card stock colors of your choice.
A stamp and stamp pad of your choice
A paper cutter.
Non acid glue stick
Something sharp to push threw to make a few holes. 

Once you have gathered all the materials we are ready to start. 

1st step is cutting. I use 3 1/2 in length and in width.  For my 1st strip in this case its my black. Than  I have the white using 2 1/2 strips of white. 1/2 of
the teal.

Depending on the paper you use you might get a little extra at the end as shown in Picture 3

Once you have your strips glue them together the way you would like in this case I did straight down the middle. 

For the extra piece at the end is plain,  I used for my phone number or my email to stick in my wallet just in case I need to had out to anyone. Which has   happened several times lately. 

 The stamping is the next process. Find a stamp of your choice and ink pad and stamp where ever you think is a good position in this case I stamped to the side.

I found this stamp and ink pad at Micheal's for a dollar a piece.
 The end result it truly up to you, Chose what ever colors you desire.

 For earring backings you can use something sharp to poke the hole into these I do have earring backings on these earrings to keep them extra secure.

I hope you enjoyed my handmade backings. Best part is your buyer may use these for bookmark's note cards to a friend. It is something that for sure can be reused again.