Monday, May 7, 2012

Card stock Earring Backings

I get asked alot on how I come up with or create some of my work, or how I display my work. Today I am going to share with you one of my most recent projects. Earring Card backings. You will need the following

Scrap booking card stock colors of your choice.
A stamp and stamp pad of your choice
A paper cutter.
Non acid glue stick
Something sharp to push threw to make a few holes. 

Once you have gathered all the materials we are ready to start. 

1st step is cutting. I use 3 1/2 in length and in width.  For my 1st strip in this case its my black. Than  I have the white using 2 1/2 strips of white. 1/2 of
the teal.

Depending on the paper you use you might get a little extra at the end as shown in Picture 3

Once you have your strips glue them together the way you would like in this case I did straight down the middle. 

For the extra piece at the end is plain,  I used for my phone number or my email to stick in my wallet just in case I need to had out to anyone. Which has   happened several times lately. 

 The stamping is the next process. Find a stamp of your choice and ink pad and stamp where ever you think is a good position in this case I stamped to the side.

I found this stamp and ink pad at Micheal's for a dollar a piece.
 The end result it truly up to you, Chose what ever colors you desire.

 For earring backings you can use something sharp to poke the hole into these I do have earring backings on these earrings to keep them extra secure.

I hope you enjoyed my handmade backings. Best part is your buyer may use these for bookmark's note cards to a friend. It is something that for sure can be reused again.

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