Friday, July 27, 2012


I have been inspired to change a lot of things in my life and life style. I have one more year of college left and I have been so busy with teams and online networking. I have come to not having the proper space inside my house. So with my insane addiction to Pinterest and the inspiration from fellow Etsy friends, I created my own space. Hope you enjoy.

Before, This was my bead and stash spot in my room.  Over the summer  I have made myself a promise to create a space for myself so I can continue to grow.  This spot was hurting for a make-over

I had to find a space for the d-stash items for the d-stash shop.

Some know I love me some salt shakers :) 
After:: Everything you see is what was once cluttered in my room , I gave my whole room a make over. 

One of my favorite candle holders that I had stuffed in a drawer. 

Last but not least some seating, I have had this seat chest for a long time just hiding behind my bed. 

I feel great, good things are going to happen in this space. Some of you know I am leaving for vacation and what a space to come back to refreshed, organized and ready!! 

New Inspiration Treasury Feel free to click on photo to check out shops. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hiking in the Pacific Northwest

     Part of my summer Budget Plan is to do some out door activities while maintaining some healthy habits and doing something fun things with out having to spend to much money.

     So what better way to do this than hike in the most beautiful places on earth. Up here in the Pacific Northwest we have some of the most amazing Rain forests.

     So an old friend from my favorite city came over from Seattle and spent the weekend with me touring the Pacific Northwest. Sunday afternoon, we ventured out towards Lake Crescent. Where there are water falls named Marymere Falls. It's a short 1.5 mile hike with other hikes trailing off. Well worth making it to the falls first before heading off on other trails.

     After the Marymere fall hike we headed back and trailed off on the Barnes Creek Trail to seize a few photos of the creek.

     Here are a few photos of the beauty of the Northwest.
Marymere Falls

Trail Sign
Old tree 300-400 years old
Barnes Creek

My Friend and I at the Falls.

      Once we had finished our hike to the falls we than decided that it would be a great idea to drive to the Hoh River Rainforest. We had to drive threw Forks Washington. Yes Twilight fans I live near Forks, as we continued to drive we than discovered it was alot further than we thought so after an hour on the road we decided to keep going. As we were driving up into the Rain Forest we drove along the side of the Hoh River which was just amazing. I am sadden as I did not get any photos of the river.

     As we got to the Entrance to the Ranger station the fee was 15 dollars. We quickly thanked our lucky stars we had cash. We drove another 6 miles up into the forest and and every moment was breath taking. On the way up the forest we came up to one of the biggest threes alive. 500 - 550 years old. Just breath taking. Once we arrived we decided to take a short hike out of the 5 there was. There were hikes that were up to 50 miles. Which required a wilderness permit and training. We decided just to take one water bottle and or camera's. Shortly after reaching the creek with the stunning moss hanging over the creek. We shortly noticed we didn't have our car keys.

We started to freak out. Our cell phones have no reception. And the visitor center closed at 5 it was 5 30 we are half way up the hike and have no service and 6 miles from the ranger station. We decided to start walking faster and try to soak in some of what we were walking threw. But it was hard to not focus on the key issue. We reached the end of the trail and just in time we ran into a Ranger.

We asked if she was able to unlock it and with a confident "YES" we were instantly relieved. Forest Rangers now will for ever in my mind be magical forest angels. We decided to head back home, we were starving and had a almost 2 1/2 hour drive.  We got to see some elk up close and personal on our way out of the forest. On our way home we stopped in Forks were there is only one bar and had a Twilight beer and some food to sooth our tummy's and end the evening. What a day!!
The Big Spruce Tree @ the Hoh River
The 1.2 mile hike 

Hall of mosses trail 

A little creek running threw the Hall of mosses Trail