Friday, December 28, 2012

Goal Smashing

Smashing yet another Goal! 

     There have been a few goals that I have set for the past six months and they include; becoming a Top Rated seller, Make 300 online sales with in the past 6 months, and get to 500 rated stars by the end of the year. I have met every goal by the end of this year as of yesterday. So I want to thank you for anyone that supports me in anyway, may it be on Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media avenues. 

     Thank you to any of my purchaser's for making eBay a fantastic community to work in and for the feedback that has been given. 

     Goals for the next 6 months Jan-June; Finishing up my 2 college Business degrees, double my past 6 months sales, & continue to make more friends through the community. 

Happy New Year's to everyone and may it all be a fantastic eBay year! 


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Vacation Treasury Extravaganza

Happy Holiday's to everyone!

Hope your Holidays are safe and are full of the favorite people and pets in your life. I wanted to say thank you and Merry Christmas to all my Etsy friends! By supporting you all in a Vacation Treasury Extravaganza. I will be updating this blog every treasury at a time. Enjoy There are some fantastic shops to be shopping from in the world of Etsy and I am proud to support you all.

May you Razzle and Dazzle in the New year to Come
Vintage, Supplies, Jewelry, & Fashion at your finger tips.
Love everyday but ESPECIALLY on this day! 

December Listings 2012 
Classy Girls Party Too

Cozy Holiday 
Cheers to Continuing Support of Etsy Shops 2013

Gifting in Green

Let's talk about it over a cup of Joe
Merry Christmas Leaders and Captains of Etsy 

I will be adding through out the rest of my vacation enjoy! 

& Happy Etsy Shopping! 

Fall Quarter Overview; The new Me

The New Me ! 

WOW what can I say about this past quarter; some of you that I network close to on and off online sites such as Etsy and eBay have known I have had been a little on the ill side. But I have had a great quarter regardless. I thank everyone for the support of my shops! It has been a outstanding help with promotion from friends and family members.

I am at the point of returning to school here in a week and I just wanted to say thank you by doing a Etsy Treasury Extravaganza before I end up going back. But before I get to that blog I would like to overview a little of what happened during last quarter with schooling.

So grab some tea or coffee and let's get social for a moment. 

This past quarter I was enrolled into Macro-Economics as well as a Marketing class. Can you guess which one I took better too? Yup, if you thought marketing your completely right ! I loved it, it was my favorite class out of all my 3 years of school so far. If you have ever had the interest in a class like this I would highly recommend taking a class of this sort if your in the world of online or even brick and mortar stores.

I had told my team Promo123love on Etsy that I would write a little bit what I had gained from this amazing class, but honestly there is so much to discuss so instead I want to share with you what tools I gained and have helped me in my transformations in both Etsy and eBay.

1. ~ Separation & Defining the shop names: 

I have always had social media for my jewelry and clothing for my eBay shop together all mixed up with everything. I also once ran everything with shop the shop name LINX Connectiong for Cause with the eBay shop running as my old email name. It to me was a huge mess and up until now I haven't known how to untangle it. For years I have been known for donating a percentage of funds to various charities, local events; such as cancer benefits, the local boys & girls club, even national & international relief and fundraising. So this was why it was called LINX (as in coming together) and of course Connecting for Cause. I was using both my eBay and my Etsy to help raise funds for not only my own college education but to work with the community and have connection near and far.

But times have changed in life for me as far as jewelry, because of school events & shows, as well as easy access to friends and family that support me, sales dropped in the last few years. Online selling has taken over and have increased this past year even more this past quarter by separating and renaming my shop's. As of now my Etsy shop's have similar names so that it is more cohesive with clean lines. These shops are always a work in progress for there is so much put into thinking about ever so changing shipping rates, tags, new products and ideas are always generating. I don't want to be known just for jewelry so after long thoughtful weeks I introduce you to the new and improved :

Chromaticity Designs & Chromaticity Supply 

Please click on text below photos to find your way to the shops 

Colorful Designs by Lornajane 
Colorful Supply provided by Lornajane 
This has not stopped me in raising money for causes. I will just be able to define & organizing them a-lot better with the new changes that have been made. I hope you will join me  some day in some of these fundraisers sometime!

eBay has taken a drastic change as well like I said before I had it named with my old email account. After years of selling on both sites I have found that eBay has given me the most financial support in the past year so I have created a new business that is shortly being released in a few months. This is very big and exciting news! I am not wanting to let out all the cats out of the bag just yet, although I will let you know that I am in the phase of building hunting & becoming a future Online Trading Specialist (OTS) in my area bringing a fresh new spin and idea to this area. I am very excited for I have put an amazing amount of my new found education into something I am very passionate about! I did receive a extra boost of confidence from my marketing teacher nailing my final project with a 100 % with a side note attached: Extraordinary work! among with some other supportive feedback. Keep your eyes peeled for a new blog that contains the introduction for this grand opening.

It would not be fair of me to not show you a little peak of the logo of this upcoming new business. This is not a complete logo for I cut the name off, I can't give it to you all at once :)

As of right now my eBay shop name remains as LornajaneCosign
Until further notice. 

2.~ Social Media changes 
My Top 3 
~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Pinterest 

A big change here, with Facebook changes some may notice that I have stopped using my LINX, Connecting for Cause page. A few quarters back I chose to do a research and final accounting project on Facebook, I was really lucky for at that time Facebook had a major social media explosion. Stocks were released, some may remember but once the stocks release scandals started to pop out of no where. Facebook had lost some capital in the company and changes started to happen at that point. Social Media changed for Facebook for small business fan pages. Paying for views were introduced a few days before and after business's pages are having a much harder time engaging with all their fans. Although stating this I have researched ways to engage with out having to pay for those ads. I have made new pages that will be introduced shortly. I still believe in Facebook do not get me wrong, but with it's rapid growth so must you. 

I have separated my twitter for both eBay and Etsy you may now find me here for both twitter accounts. 

Click here for my Etsy Twitter 

Click here for my eBay Twitter 
With Pinterest I have not done any changes, I know there are new business Pinterest pages but I like to keep Pinterest more interactive with fans and family and not so much on just one business its a great mesh of everything I love! Although one change here is that I am pinning a-lot more, for this is a great tool for your shops! As well a useful tool for all kinds of money saving ideas and tips. If your not on Pinterest please feel free to message me and lets get you on Pinterest today! You could be missing out on alot of exposure for yourself. You can find me here on Pinterest: HAPPY PINNING everyone! 

Click here to follow my Pinning boards over 5,000 pins of various artist and Etsy teams as well as a-lot more!

To Wrap it up !
So wrapping this up in a nut shell SOCIAL MEDIA is the most important marketing tool out there right now. Learning to communicate to your fans, consumers, and networking friends is the number one tool to success.   There is also something that I have gained from this quarter, never think there isn't room for improvement. If your not selling and spending more in product, advertising, having low communication & interactions in your shops. There is a clear sign of improvement needed, research, read and absorb are three great internet tools you have right in front of you. Read threads in your teams, blogs on and about Etsy, share and connect to your fans and friends. You will see a difference I assure you.

I hope you enjoy and gained a little insight on the changes that I have made. I am looking forward to more changes: redoing my business cards, releasing the new Facebook pages, changing things in my Etsy shops, and most of all finally building a career with eBay and in my community. 

Future blogs will most likely be separated content containing new information or promotions of both eBay and Etsy. 

Thank you all for taking the time to read about these important milestones in my business  and online success. Talk soon.