Sunday, August 19, 2012

Motivation For Healthly Eating

What Motivates Me? 

Well let me tell you how my addiction to Pinterest has change my ways of eating. 
First off, I work at home and attend class at home so I have to sit a lot during the day. 
With Online Networking and Promoting teams & listing & creating things. 
It's a lot of sitting, so its important to not put garbage down into your body.
It's also important to get up and move around. 

Here's my list of healthy habits I have picked up along the way of my long working days online. 

Every Sunday I shop for fresh veggies, I head to the veggie isle 1st.
 This reminds me of what I need vrs what I want. 

Shopping for 1 for 1 1/2 week of food.
Finding the freshest and cheapest foods is the hard part. Here in the northwest we have a WINCO a great savings on family shopping and budget shoppers.
 I can buy about 15 dollars in veggies for almost 2 weeks or maybe a little more. Great prices. 

Once I get home from my shopping trip I wash all veggies & fruit and start cutting and preparing in my mind what I would like to eat.
 I cut all veggies into different sizes for breakfast foods, lunch and dinner. 
The fruit is for all day snacks so I just mix it all together. 

After I have prepared my foods.

Finding good containers that will keep your food fresh as long as possible for storage.

This is a good way to keep veggies in front of you as a reminder of what to grab for a snack and cook for a meal. 

I have found a very good gluten free fat free cheese, and have replaced my bacon for turkey bacon.  1 egg with fruit and a little bit of squash potatoes.

Believe it or not alot of my ideas of how to shop, store, and cut.

Even cook some of the my new foods have come from  Pinterest.

I have lost 20 pounds this summer by cutting out the bad stuff, including sugar, major bad carbs, most pastas etc.
I have basically replaced alot of the bad stuff with sweet fruits and delicious fresh veggies. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vacation Is Over Time To Work

 July 28th and Ended August 1st. Planes, Trains, Busses, Ferries, and in 2 cities. Seattle and Phoenix Az. 

Seattle days 28th-1st started out with a bang by celebrating my bday at a Minnesota style bar located in Ballard, Washington. We watched the 1st few events of the 2012 Olympics, Every one was cheering and in a fantastic mood. What a night. 

The following day we ventured off to Snoqualmie falls Washington to visit Rancho Laguna. One of my most recent donation spots through out the summer. 

So happens to be my aunties T's Ranch, what amazing & gentle critters. We had a blast riding horses and hanging out with the farm animals. You can find out more information of what Rancho Laguna has to offer and what they do by going to their new facebook page ...

I wanted to take him home so bad. So cute! 

 Elmer Sticking his tongue out so I did too. 


Welcome to the Ranch 

Went on the Duck ride Tours with family from Alaska 

Later that evening we met up with a friend to ride the new Great Wheel of Seattle. Costing 13 dollars per person the ride is an average of 15-20 mins with multiple stops at the top to get a great view of the city. 

Arriving at the Ferry dock a Beautiful Seattle Day. July 18th 2012

The Great Wheel at Night. 

The famous Seattle Gum Wall. 

A Night View from the Great Wheel. 
Blue trees in Seattle

Gas works Park, Out on lake Union 

On the 1st I Flew out to Arizona where It was almost to hot for me. 105-115 on all 9 days I was there. 

So I did'nt get to capture to much of that part of the trip but It was a great family bonding trip, I got to spend time with my Brother, Sister-in- Law and her mother and Daughter. 
Arizona does have mountains :) 
Ready to fly out to Arizona

Finished my nephews baby blanket at the airport

Bye Bye Arizona Flying out August 9th Beautiful early morning sunrise.
Hello Washington Photo of Rainer as I am coming back. 

Ready to get back to work, already busy. I am so rested and re charged and cant wait to start the work week.  Work it!!! 
Back to work as soon as I get home.