Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Budget Part 1

     As you some of you may know I live in one of the most beautiful states and one of the most quietest towns. Way out in the middle of now where and on a student summer vacation, It can get boring. Living on a college summer budget finding things to do with out costing money is also  limited.

     One of the things I like to do at the beginning of every summer is do a super clean in every room. Removing all dust, garbage, and unwanted items. Lately I have been about "less is more" and use only "what you need".

When I get creative time and later as the summer nears end I can do a few fun things with out the worry of the cleaning up later. I don't know about you but I can not create and process business in a messy environment.

Here is my latest and ever going summer project on a 75 dollar budget.

Things I already had. table, chairs, umbrella. Most all pots have been collected over the years by either gifts, second hand stores or, recycled materials. AND my favorite great garage sale finds.

The main expense was the flowers, But I was able to find some good deals, and was able to get what was needed. After all the storms last year our flowers took a little beating. We did loose a few but were able to bring some back to life.

     In the photo below located in the upper left hand corner is the Before photo the happenings of a long winter here in the Northwest. This is what I call my summer office. I create mostly outside on the table and read alot on the lounge chair. I cant wait to use it this summer !!

      Next outside project is touch up painting the chairs and table red. I do at least every other year. And to sew the cushions for the chairs. Which was found for 4 bucks and a few yards of red and black thick fabric for re-covering, for 3 dollars.

Few second hand candles to help decorate and light at night. As well as some hand painted shells to decor the flower planter boxes. Cheap and fun project to do.

There are 5 light up decors located in the photos and oh my let me just say its amazing to sit out here at night. The newest addition is the brass stem and yellow-orange glass flowers. They are solar and are so beautiful lit up at night. They were 29.00 at Costco.

The rest was just a little elbow grease and a cute dog :) That's my beautiful Leerha.

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