Friday, July 27, 2012


I have been inspired to change a lot of things in my life and life style. I have one more year of college left and I have been so busy with teams and online networking. I have come to not having the proper space inside my house. So with my insane addiction to Pinterest and the inspiration from fellow Etsy friends, I created my own space. Hope you enjoy.

Before, This was my bead and stash spot in my room.  Over the summer  I have made myself a promise to create a space for myself so I can continue to grow.  This spot was hurting for a make-over

I had to find a space for the d-stash items for the d-stash shop.

Some know I love me some salt shakers :) 
After:: Everything you see is what was once cluttered in my room , I gave my whole room a make over. 

One of my favorite candle holders that I had stuffed in a drawer. 

Last but not least some seating, I have had this seat chest for a long time just hiding behind my bed. 

I feel great, good things are going to happen in this space. Some of you know I am leaving for vacation and what a space to come back to refreshed, organized and ready!! 

New Inspiration Treasury Feel free to click on photo to check out shops. 

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