Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sneak Peek of the Kitchen

September of 2013 we bought a fixer up house, we decided on this house frankly because we had been looking for 3 months this was the most move in ready and the one with the most potential out of about 15 houses or so we looked at.

I am sure most ladies out there would agree that the kitchen has to be a good one because it is where everyone gathers, for family and friend events. Not to mention, if you love to cook and prep foods this is a important part. But lets face it, mine was covered in horrible wall paper and rooster trim. Not exactly my style, I have always had a love for vintage kitchens, and that is what I was hoping to create with this kitchen.

Here is a preview of our recent work, we decided to start in the dinning area, that is where the rooster trim was.

This was day 1 when we got the keys in September, notice all the wood and the one window painted and rooster trim. 

Notice the gross wall paper! Sigh... This whole house is wall paper! The process of taking it down was interesting because I personally have never done it before, some warm water in a spray bottle and some scrapping tools, plus a couple glasses of wine, it was down in now time.

Almost there! Just wait and to see the complete done deal. 
The Almost done ... I have to spray the lighting fixture Red and add some black trim. I am happy with the results


  1. Lovely, Lornajane!! Can't wait to see the rest as you go along! :)

  2. Looking good! That is a lot of work. :)

  3. Looks great! Let us know when it is finished. AND pictures please.

  4. Love the White! You can do it Girl!!!
    Can't wait to see the rest!!

  5. Wonderful job, Lornajane! I know you will love the new look and appreciate it all the more since you did it !

  6. Can't believe it's the same space! Absolutely stunning!