Friday, December 28, 2012

Goal Smashing

Smashing yet another Goal! 

     There have been a few goals that I have set for the past six months and they include; becoming a Top Rated seller, Make 300 online sales with in the past 6 months, and get to 500 rated stars by the end of the year. I have met every goal by the end of this year as of yesterday. So I want to thank you for anyone that supports me in anyway, may it be on Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media avenues. 

     Thank you to any of my purchaser's for making eBay a fantastic community to work in and for the feedback that has been given. 

     Goals for the next 6 months Jan-June; Finishing up my 2 college Business degrees, double my past 6 months sales, & continue to make more friends through the community. 

Happy New Year's to everyone and may it all be a fantastic eBay year! 


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