Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Road trip From Washington Down to Southern Oregon and Back


     After graduation I have wanted to do a mini vacation, not so sure what I was able to afford considering that I am freshly out of school and taking on the biggest challenge and that is working for myself. Once I found out I had a chance to go to Oregon to meet the family of my significant other, I decided that would be a great idea! So we packed up the car and headed down to Southern Oregon. 

     We didn't do to many tourist things because where I was the population of where I was staying was about 4,000. Mrytle Creek doesn't have much to offer but the beautiful quiet rolling hills of Oregon. It was actually a great visit a perfect way to relax before hitting the hard working world! 

Here is a few photos from our trip, including a trip to the Winston Oregon Safari! Enjoy! 

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