Wednesday, June 26, 2013


What's new in my world? 

      Well most of you that follow me close and are within my amazing networking circle in the online community, know I have been attending college for the past few years. I have finally have reached success in finishing, I went 3 straight years. Let me tell you it was the hardest thing I have ever faced and accomplished!
My mentor and main teacher for the program, very proud moment!

      The challenge begins.... Some have asked what is the next chapter? Well I will tell you what I didn't go to school for business for nothing. I have had dreams and plans to open up a shop here in my local town to consign items but not only do that support my community in helping others, in more ways than one. I have decided to put my knowledge to the best of it's capabilities and I opened a online shop on eBay for community consignments and more!
                                                                  Introducing PNOCD Pacific Northwest Online Consign Designs, this shop is a collection of donations as well as consignment items form the community around me. I have been blessed with great friends that have given me the chance of trusting me with their items and selling them all around the world for a great affordable and fair price. This stimulates house hold incomes and with my online skills this has really been a great tool for my community so far. I am looking forward to working with more people that need some economic relief in their lives.

How this works for those whom live locally and are more curious: You can contact me via email, best way is to follow my facebook fan page where you can find all the newest and most recent items. You can also message me there as well I respond to both. I can arrange to meet you or you can come into town where I live 5 blocks from my warehouse. All things are stored in the warehouse than transported to photo location once finished they get put away in order to your items and put in the warehouse. Than it's just up to me to list and sell your items, checks are sent every three weeks although if I have only sold 1 item that is not much value yet I will hold and contact you to send the next month. You are free to pick up your items at anytime if you change your mind, or have me keep them as long as you want. Keep in mind it takes that special person for certain items and sometimes they will not sell for a while, although I have had great success in doing so, so far.
How the items are stored, recent photos I just added new racks and they are already going to be filled here soon! 

In conclusion I am also still on Etsy and will remain to do so creating is my favorite hobby and I love to share what I can do with the world. I will also continue with the de-stash supply shop as well, where I am still finding & getting rid of things that have been around for years that are not something I will have time to get too. With all this being said, thank you all for the support in my journey and the ones that continue to support me in all aspects, locally and online.


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  1. Wow congratulations on your new house. Sound like you are one busy woman. I enjoyed reading this.